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Studying in Great Britain

Studying in Great Britain
Марія Лемішко

Марія Лемішко

Керівник локацій

Our journey to Great Britain wasn’t ideal or perfect, but it was full of new emotions, experiences not only for the kids but for the leaders as well.

🏫 Queenswood school met us with pleasant and hospitable smiles. It is quite impressive, because the first thing is that it is on the outskirts of London. The second one is that the territory is really huge, with a swimming pool, tennis court, football pitch, theatre etc.

✔️ With great excitement and enthusiasm, our students started their courses, while watching the videos one can notice different subjects, such as: Music, Art, Science, English, Spelling, Discussions and so on.

✔️ Also, I would like to mention that every 5 kids had a person who took care of them, stayed with them throughout the day and night. Hanna and Sian were the best ones, children adored them.

✔️ Furthermore, I must tell you about the excursions and extracurricular activities. Graffiti workshops on the outside of the streets of London were inspiring for the kids, and then they walked along the bank of the River Thames. Our little ones were even more excited, because they had a great honour to visit “Theatre Royal Drury Lane”, and it deeply impressed us. The ‘Musical Frozen’ was enchanting, entertaining, delightful, wonderful singing, marvellous staging.

Moreover, it wasn’t the end of the trip, kids had a fantastic opportunity to observe the view from inside the London Eye. Some of them were a bit scared, but enjoyed it a lot.

✔️ To sum up, after the positive reviews from our little campers we have made a decision to come back to this amazing place once again.

So, we are looking forward to new adventures …

See you soon.

The principal of the school @maryshumylo -